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Customised lubricating solutions developed as per specific requirements of customers and institutions.

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In-house R&D laboratory fully equipped with state-of-the-art research and testing equipment, as per the latest ASTM standards.

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Approved OEM for leading brands such as Hindustan Motors, Mitsubishi, ACE, and Atul Auto, among others

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7th largest plant in terms of captive capacity available at a single location


Years of experience in the Oil Lubricants Industry

For the past three decades, we have consistently strived for excellence, establishing ourselves as a leading corporate entity in the automotive lubricants domain. As a leading corporate, we have invested heavily in cutting-edge research and development, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of lubricant technology. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities boast advanced equipment and stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest standards are met consistently. With an extensive product portfolio spanning engine oils, transmission fluids, greases, and more, we have positioned ourselves as a one-stop solution provider for automotive lubrication needs.

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Research And Development

At Raaj Industrial Lubricants Ltd., the belief in research and development (R&D) as a safeguard for a stable future is unwavering. The Research department, led by a dedicated team of professionals from IIT Delhi, has invested over 0.5 million dollars solely in research equipment. In parallel, the team actively works on enhancing the existing product line to optimize costs and ensure maximum quality.
The company has achieved notable breakthroughs in the industry through the development of cutting-edge technologies. For instance, OIL-DETAC, a fluorescence UV light detection system for OEMs, and LUBISTRANDS, an anti-gravity technology created in-house at our R&D center, stand as remarkable achievements.
Presently, our focus lies on the advancement of next-generation automobiles, encompassing EVs, Hydrogen cell Automobiles, and flex engines. We strive to cater to the specific fluid requirements of these vehicles, ensuring that our products align perfectly with their needs.
One of our significant accomplishments is the successful creation of G-48 H.O.A.T cooling system fluids for EV vehicles. These fluids possess specifications and performance on par with the currently used systems, establishing them as the most advanced EV fluids available in the market today.

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We have a storage capacity of 5000 MT for base oils and a leased-out storage capacity of 1,000 MT at Mumbai Port.


Precision filling lines range from 210L barrels to 6-head and 4-head automatic small pack filling lines.


The blending system is a patented air purging technology that gives a homogenous product, consumes 20% less energy, cycle time 30% less, and there is no T-M-B bias.


The QA/QC team constantly works on product formulations keeping both package and component-based to give the optimal product cost with enhanced product performance.


In-house, fully equipped lab as per the latest ASTM standards helps us deliver futuristic products & technologies to this ever-changing and evolving industry.


An ERP platform assists all departments, including QA and QC, in ensuring fast turnaround times, complete process transparency and traceability, and eliminating any procedural lapses.


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KI Capacity Of Per Annum


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Location All Over India

Standard Mould Designs And Range We Offer

We have a trusted container-developing partner to support our seamless production. It gives us the advantage of offering a wide range of standard mould designs and even custom designs based on individual brand requirements.

Small sized moulds

Medium sized moulds

Buckets, Pails and bulks

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