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Ready to Use Coolants-

100% water Based + Water & Glycol Mixed + Anti Freeze (100% Glycol Based)

The coolant is also free from silicates and borates. It is formulated to keep your engine frost-protected and corrosion free; this coolant is a must for your vehicle to perform better. Raaj coolants will give you a never before experience.


100% water Based + Water & Glycol Mixed + Anti Freeze (100% Glycol Based)

Raaj Industrial Lubricants coolants are an economical, high-performance aqueous coolant concentrate that can be used at a recommended dilution to get high-level frost and corrosion protection.

EV Coolants

Exempt from potentially harmful additives such as nitrites, amines, and phosphates, the coolant also contributes to a safer environment. Raaj Industrial Lubricants coolants offer proven protection for more than 80000 km when used at 1:3 dilution with distilled/DM water.

What makes us different -

Local Specifications

The competitive advantage of our products is a result of our distinctive research and innovation methodology that we follow with each customer.


Local Packaging Requirements

At Raaj, We take great pride in our ability to meet the diverse packaging requirements of our clients while ensuring the highest quality products.


Multiple Price Points

Our product portfolio includes a variety of lubricants that cater to different price ranges without compromising on quality. By offering multiple price points


Choice of Base Oils

When formulating lubricants, the selection of an appropriate base oil is a critical consideration influenced by various factors as per the application req.

How can our products benefit you?

Superior, Generative, And Futuristic Products

With a team of industry experts and specialists, use of Advanced Technologies & Systems we ensure that your vehicle is well-oiled for increased performance and protection against wear.

To make sure we are never out of date, we have conveniently-located, state-of-the-art laboratories where we conduct advanced testing in a wide range of areas.

We have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the industry including SERVO, Mobil, Total among many others.

With our state-of-the-art production process and cutting edge quality control systems, each RULL product is an epitome of uncompromising quality.